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You should really strive to make your dreams a reality

Tadao Ando

Reforma integral de chalet en Pozuelo

1960´s chalet

[…] Integral intervention full of challenges…

Home in El Encinar de los Reyes

[…] Refurbishing at pandemic times

Reforma de piso en Madrid Nala Studio
Reforma de apartamento en Cartagena, Madrid

Carolina and Javier's apartment

[…] a modern space, with a lot of storage, more luminous…

Double height living room in duplex

[…] current, functional and aesthetic home with mezzanine…

reforma dúplex con salón a doble altura
reforma de despacho profesional a medida Nala Studio

A fully bespoke director’s office

[…] Elegant and contemporary functionality for a project executed under thorough supervision…

Montecarmelo 2 Home Renovation

[…] minor refurbishment and redecoration of this family home in the Montecarmelo neighbourhood. New feel that maximises the use of natural light…

Reforma local convertido en vivienda
reforma piso zona norte Madrid

Home renovation in the north of Madrid

[…] Cristina commissioned our services to refurbish the house she had bought with the primary aim of maximising the natural light and creating a highly practical home that could accommodate her old furniture…

Commercial premises converted into a home

[…] incredible transformation of unused retail premises into a duplex home for a family of four. The biggest challenge: complying with the building regulations for change of use during the whole process…

Reforma local convertido en vivienda
reforma piso arturo soria

Itziar and Pablo's place

[…] Pablo and Itziar got in touch with us because they wanted to completely renovate their home, so that each of their four children would have their own room.



House on Avda. de la Peseta

[…] special focus was placed on the vast terrace, which had to accommodate an office for Alberto, an open-air dining area, a kids’ play area and a practical laundry room.

Reforma Madrid Avda de la Peseta
Reforma de piso madrid Barrio de Salamanca

Home in the Salamanca district

[…] Maria gave us full rein on the project. She only visited the site twice!



Salma Clinical Centre

[…] The challenge faced in this project was complying with the regulations applicable to this type of establishment and working around the physical limitations to build an access ramp.

Reforma de despacho de psicología en Madrid
Reforma de local en Madrid

Pub Babel

[…] All the English-style original woodwork of the pub had to be well preserved, which was extra tricky during the demolition process

Montecarmelo Home Renovation

[…] From day dot, we saw that Maria had a clear and bold vision, so it was fun and easy to work with her. The biggest challenge was to get the hydraulic-type hexagonal tiles to meet the flooring in several areas.

Reforma de piso en Montecarmelo Madrid
Reforma de piso en zona Chamartín Madrid

Apartment in Chamartín

[…] Alberto and Luisa commissioned our services to renovate a newly bought apartment covering about 180 sqm in the district of Chamartín, so we designed a project that made sure their family’s needs were more than covered.

Apartment in Ventas

[…] All the partition walls were knocked down and the whole space was redesigned to fit furniture that had a sentimental value to the client.

Reforma de piso en zona Ventas Madrid
Reforma de vivienda en zona Arturo Soria Madrid

Home in Arturo Soria

[…] Mariela manages this rental home in one of the most exclusive residential areas in Madrid. She asked us to revamp the apartment for the new tenants after many years without carrying out any home improvements.

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