Carolina and Javier’s apartment

A home again

Modern space with lots of storage


Carolina and Javier moved into their apartment 10 years ago and after making some renovations, they weren’t at all pleased with the results. From then, they were everyday more and more uncomfortable at their place, to the point that no friends were anymore invited to spend time with them.

Nala Studio was contacted to renovate and re-decorate the living room and bedroom in a modern basis, trying to gain storage from every corner and get the most of the existing light of the apartment. They needed to feel at home again.

To reorganize the space of both rooms, a custom bookcase was designed for the living room and another one (“bridge type”) in the bedroom. The furniture and lighting are from Kave Home and Maison du Monde.

Now, this couple are comfortable with their new home and have invited their friends over again…. also us, who have been invited to drink a wine from their extensive collection!

Out of all Nala Studio projects, this is one of the ones we have enjoyed the most because we really feel we have improved our client’s life.

Photos taken by our photographer Antonio López.