Pablo and Itziar got in touch with us because they wanted to completely renovate their home, so that each of their four children would have their own room.

Time was a key factor…​


This renovation involved pulling down all the partitions in the house in order to recreate 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an open-plan living room/kitchen and even a laundry room.

All the installations were renewed, walls were soundproofed, custom-made wardrobes were designed for all areas, new carpentry was made, the kitchen was redone and part of the living room was decorated.

Time played a key factor given our three-month deadline to finish the commission… which, of course, we stuck to!

Pablo and Itziar were dream clients, they let Nala Studio guide and advise them throughout the material selection process and were closely involved in the renovation of their home. It was a pleasure to see through their vision alongside them and we are so happy that they got a home completely tailored to their needs.

Photos taken by our photographer Antonio López Espinós

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