Maximum use of light and highly functional design of the house

Light and functionality…


After a lifetime of living in a villa in the north of Madrid, Cristina decided to sell up and buy a house in the same area that was more in line with her current needs.

She asked us to refurbish the house she had bought with the primary aim of maximising the natural light and creating a highly practical home that could accommodate her old furniture.

All the closets and interior carpentry were renovated. An additional room was added, a full bathroom suite was refurbished, and the kitchen, access to the terrace and the parquet flooring installed around the house were restored.

Cristina is already enjoying her home, whose key feature is a semi-open plan American-style kitchen which is only separated from the living room by an iron and glass door designed by the Nala Studio team. We’re thrilled with this beautiful creation, if we say so ourselves!

Photos taken by our photographer  Antonio López