Elegant and contemporary functionality

Detailed supervision for a tailor-made project​


IPG Mediabrands commissioned us to renovate the CEO’s office at their headquarters in Madrid after evaluating the proposals from several companies.

The design was led by interior designer Cuca Arraut, renowned for the use of straight lines and symmetry in her projects.

Most of the office’s elements have been custom-made under our close supervision, both in the workshops and on-site:

– The ceiling slats, which bring an upscale feel to the space.

– The shelves, made in lacquered sheet metal, wood and lacquered MDF, slotted in between walls and ceilings within a millimeter of precision.

– The large metal door with linen cloth embedded between the glass panes of the doors.

– The white sliding glass panels with a dual purpose; serving as a blackboard while concealing the television.

– The leather mats on the desktops.

– The side tables, with a metal structure and Nero Marquina marble.

The result: a highly functional, distinctive, elegant and contemporary office.

Plans and renderings included at the end of the gallery are by Cuca Arraut.

Photos taken by our photographer Antonio Lopez.